Rural Literacies and RWZ – Comment from an author

The comments to this blog are so hard to find I decided to publish this one as a post.

Thanks for reading our book and for finding it valuable! Thank you for your work, which has inspired us.

I appreciate what you wrote about the third and a half world. I grew up with a feminist mom/rural farm wife-farmer on a third generation family farm. In college, I tried writing a paper about farm women’s dual roles and the silence around their work when I was 20 years old. i was desperately trying to write about the women and the rural life I grew up with at the big city university I attended. I could hardly find anything on rural women in the huge university library. When I did find material, it was vague and not useful. I ended up interviewing farm women in order to write the paper. I spent many years trying to find a way to write about these issues. Your website was a way in for us…..

We need to thank you! We have an edited collection we are working on called _Reclaiming Rural Literacies_–more voices to add to the mix!

Thanks for reading.

Eileen E. Schell

Posted as a comment to Rural Literacies and The Rural Womyn Zone


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