The same people who were outraged over government-funded contraception now upset because a woman had “too many” babies

Have you noticed that the same people who just a few days ago were insisting the government shouldn’t be paying for contraception in the economic stimulus bill are now outraged about a woman who had eight babies?

People are asking whether a single woman should be allowed to have in vitro fertilization (IVF) — isn’t there a law against that? Why was she allowed to have so many embryos implanted — aren’t there regulations about that? She was asked why she didn’t have some of the embryos removed when she found out they had developed two sets of twins, for a total of eight babies. (Isn’t that abortion?)

And, even more outrage, this was not her first pregnancy. She has six other children and a previous IVF. So people are wondering why she was “allowed” to do this more than once.

Isn’t the outrage over the fact that she is a single woman? She doesn’t have a job, she’s going to school. But she and her children are not on welfare. (They live with her parents.)

So now the questions are whether there should be laws governing when a single woman can be allowed to be pregnant. Isn’t that what it comes down to?

I don’t think this story is over yet, and while it is going on, let’s pay attention to how inconsistent the rhetoric is.


Public Outrage over Octuplets


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