What family planning has to do with the economy

Is birth control tangential to the stimulus? Only if all health spending is, but no one (so far) is arguing that the massive sums for health care be removed from the bill.


When women are still pawns

Last night on Rachel Maddow, David Sirota said Democrats had the votes to pass the stimulus bill without making any concessions to the Republicans on tax cuts. His opinion was that every dollar we lost from the stimulus package to tax cuts would cost taxpayers in the long run because it meant fewer dollars to…

Are women’s interests going to be sacrificed again?

Why is the most controversial part of the stimulus bill about family planning? Whenever money and women’s wombs are connected, it seems to make people a little, uh, hysterical. Chris Matthews became one of the latest people spreading misinformation and ridiculous uninformed personal comments on this subject when he said, “I don’t know.  . it…